Technology Achievements against target

S.N. Name of Organization Nature of Linkage
1 State Department of Agriculture
  1. Scientist farmer’s interaction.
  2. Participation in Kharif, rabi and summer crop seminar, Gosthi / workshop and field day etc.
  3. Conducting in-service training programmes.
  4. Sponsored training programmes for practicing farmer and extension functionaries.
  5. Coordinating seed production programme at farmers field.
2 State Department of Horticulture
  1. Demonstration on vegetables, Pomology and flowers.
  2. Training programmes for practicing farmers and extension functionaries for National Horticulture Mission.
  3. Establishment of orchard.
3 State Department of Animal Husbandry
  1. Animal health camp, infertility camps and vaccination camp.
  2. Training programmes for practicing farmers and farm women.
  1. Participation in crop seminars and kisan gosthies.
  2. Participation in training programmes organized by extension functionaries.
  1. Artificial insemination.
  1. Training programme and soil testing samples.
7 Deptt. Of land development and water resources (Ram Ganga command)
  1. Training.
8 Department of Fisheries
  1. Training.
9 Nehru Yuva Kendra
  1. Training for Nehru Yuva Mandal.